Rapid Change Agility (RCA) Playbook




Johan van Lingen has over 18 years corporate and 12 years consulting experience within the financial, manufacturing and mining
industries, mainly with the responsibility of business strategy, change/transformation, business architecture and people performance
optimization. His knowledge of business strategy, business value chain and processes and their dynamics allows him to advise, coach and
enable integrated business solutions. His experience across industries and various corporates helped him to gain valuable insights over
the years in understanding how to put strategy into people performance, change and reasons for resistance and ability to adapt.
He has successfully helped organisations, Business leaders and HR practitioners with big system transformation and change, mainly
focusing on facilitating business strategy into optimal levels of people performance.
Johan views the RCA Framework as the next level of change management thinking and hopes that through applying this Framework,
people change management will be perceived by business as a simplistic but critical part of their day-to-day practices.
Conrad Brand has over 25 years consulting experience in a wide range of leadership development, organisational culture change and
change management interventions. His areas of specialty include compiling and implementing leader-led business transformation and
change management.
Conrad has worked on the design and implementation of strategic and operational initiatives within various large organisations in the
mining, manufacturing and financial sector in South Africa and Africa.
Conrad believes there is often a rush to dive in at the beginning of a change, to start getting things done quickly and to feel a sense of
accomplishment. This desire backfires when stakeholders are overlooked, plans are not validated, and critical conversations are ignored.
The RCA Framework will achieve real commitment from the people whose job it will be to implement the change.