Our Services

The IMPACTâ„¢ Framework

As the authors of the IMPACTâ„¢ Framework, we offer a holistic lean-agile consulting service for your organisation, or we can identify and address specific areas of concern for immediate action.

Strategy Tools

Strategy is no longer the outcome of months of deliberation by the executive team, published to the organisation and revisited every three years. Market opportunities and challenges arise overnight. We can provide you with the ability to respond accordingly.


Strategy is important, knowing where and why to apply it is more so. Let us help you understand where the opportunities for improvement in your organisation are, and whether your changes are having the desired outcome.


Facilitated by qualified professionals, our workshops provide the right combination of theory, practical exercises, brainstorming and open dialogue required to achieve the outcomes you desire. These could range from strategy formulation all the way to defining user persona’s for your new products.


Delivering world-class training to your staff, through critically acclaimed institutions, we provide your staff with the foundation and insights required to adopt and accelerate lean-agile transformation. We provide this training.


Waiting until your organisation experiences catastrophic market conditions or suddenly encounters an incredible market opportunity is not the best way to prepare for either. Running simulations for these conditions, rehearsing and refining your response and action plan is what prepares you. We can lead you through world-class business simulations to prepare for the unexpected.


Creating a lean and agile culture within an organisation isn’t like flipping a switch. It takes careful planning, re-enforced behaviour change and constant assessment and refinement to ‘make it stick’. Let us engage with you to define, execute and accelerate your lean-agile transformation.