Identity Compass

The competencies required in this agile world are very different from the traditional competencies that most organisations have assessed against.


Identity Compass® drives improvements in:

  • Thinking-preferences & interpersonal skills
  • Motivation dynamics & leadership ability
  • Working climate, job motivation & team fit
  • Aptitude & potential achievement
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Identity Compass® is an innovative assessment instrument that uses an inventory of ‘thinking structures’. It registers how people think and how they make decisions in various work situations. It highlights what motivates employees, what their values are and what their natural career goals would be. Identity Compass® gives clear guidance on which employees are likely to perform best in which situations and how improvements can be achieved via training and/or coaching in order to improve performance in the workplace.

Identity Compass® registers thinking styles, personal motivation factors and their realisation, the method of information recording and processing as well as personal assets (skillsets).

Instead of measuring 3-4 factors and ascribing to each of them a certain number of attributes, as do the older assessment tools, Identity Compass® measures 51 attributes (thinking patterns) directly and achieves thereby a precision unknown before. Identity Compass® profiles are much easier to interpret because the focus is on one attribute at a time.

The Institute for the Future believes that the skills needed in this world are: