Rapid Team Talks An integrated performance approach to manage and mitigate business blockers.

About this event

The effective execution of your business strategy relies on the level of contribution that every individual in your business makes. Research proves there is a direct correlation between the level of engagement in an organisation and performance. The more informed, empowered and involved people are, the higher their level of commitment and contribution to organisational success.

Why should you apply Rapid team talks in your business?

This certification will provide you with a structured format to engage your team in goal setting, planning and the resolution of blockages to ensure engagement of your team in achieving performance.

What value will this bring to your business?

Rapid Team Talks will help you to retain focus on business performance matters, collaborating daily / weekly on what is working and what is not working. These team discussions not only allows continuous collaboration and learning, but will also result in new ways of working.

How will you improve your team performance?

  • Align individuals working as a team to the same performance outcomes.
  • Continuously improve by solving daily / weekly performance constraints and risks more rapidly.
  • Elevate critical business matters and speed up decisions on the resolution thereof.
  • Focus on priority topics (i.e. customer) daily / weekly.
  • Allow for creative improvement gains (Cig) and continuous learning in a psychologically safe workplace.
  • Increase ownership and commitment amongst employees with regards to performance.
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Jun 08 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Chad Willaims


Chad Willaims
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