“Agility has become the “capability du jour.” Agility is the ability to anticipate and/or quickly respond to emerging market opportunities. Agility combines being able to change, learn continually, and act quickly and with flexibility for both organizations and individuals. In a world of unrelenting change, agility matters at four levels – strategic agility, organisation agility, individual agility and human resources agility.

– Dave Ulrich, 2018

“An overwhelming majority of executives (88%) cite organisational agility as key to global agility–MIT suggests that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profit than non-agile firms, yet most companies admit that they are not flexible enough to compete successfully”

– The Economist

Which organisation are you:

The one that makes things happen; the one that watches things happen or;

the one that wonders what happened?

Who We Are

With over 17 years’ experience in Agile consulting, Be Agile has advised and added value to blue-chip private and public sector clients all over the world.

We provide organisations with Transformation Consultancy solutions that focus on business agility and HR agility.

Agile Consulting for Business and Human Resources Agility

We are the only Agile consulting company in Africa certified as Enterprise Business Agility Strategists as well as AgilityHealth Facilitators.

This accreditation, along with our other tools and qualifications enable us to see agile capability from a strategic, tactical, operational, and individual level.

Adapt & Respond to Market Shifts with Agility

We are uniquely positioned and qualified to ensure that your organisation embraces disruption and builds the capacity for continual strategic change.

Learn about our transformative and scalable methodologies, and find out how your organisation will benefit from our services.